My journey as an entrepreneur begins

The journey starts

Everyone starts a journey from time to time. Many of your associate a journey with a nice trip on weekends or going on holiday. In the summer this often means to many go to a different country near a beautiful beach or in winter, going to the Alps to go skiing. However, a trip does not always have to be connected with going to a different place. For me a journey means, the exploration of something unknown, new and interesting. For me founding a company, which solves specific problems of people, is one of the most exciting journeys I can do right now.

In order to inform and inspire other interested people I would like to report my journey as an entrepreneur on this blog. More specifically, my blog is about starting and running a company as a student. I want to show honestly how it feels, besides studying, to manage the many responsibilities that come with being a young founder of a company.

Why should I start my own business?

But why in the world am I going to start a business just a few month after I graduated with my bachelors degree and at a age of just 21? Most business fail in the first three years. Depending on which study you want to trust 60% up to 80% of all founded companies fail in the first three years. The chance that my company fails is not very low. Nevertheless, I want to test my talent as an entrepreneur. Weird, isn’t it?

I do not find it really weird or surprising. I want to set up a company to help other companies implement digital innovation more quickly in their business operations and improve their communication with their customers. I believe that the digitalization of companies will become more and more important in the future. Since services and goods don’t need to be produced in the near, where they are sold, competition is steadily growing. If a company intends to continue to exist in the future and retain its employees, it must either reduce labor costs or increase efficiency.

In my opinion, it is more sensible to society if we increase efficiency rather than reduce the number of employees. By intelligently implementing new digital technology and software, the necessary increase in efficiency is possible without significantly affecting the employee. My task in the future will be to demonstrate my conviction to other companies and to convince them of the meaningfulness of a digitization of their company.

In my opinion, a person should only fund a company if this person has found a problem that urgently needs a solution and the solution of this problem reflects the interest of the person. I believe for my part I have found such a problem.

The long path to be innovative

However, in order to really tell you why I want to start my own company in the area of ​​digital innovation, I have to tell you about my recent past.

In 2009, I developed my first Internet pages. The first page, which is still available on the Internet, is about my first youth research project (Jugend forscht). It’s a solar cell powered electric car model, which could also drive autonomously. 2010 this prototype was still a real innovation and felt far away from reality. Six years later, with the Tesla Model S, we are only a few steps away from seeing such a car on our own roads. I’m looking forward to the future of self-driving cars, even though I myself am a real fan of one or the other „normal“ car. In general I have had a great interest in mobility since my early childhood.

That’s also how I came to sign up for a hackathon in 2015 – a hackathon is something like a programming competition – from the automotive industry. This hackathon was special. It was the world’s largest programming competition for the automotive industry and, as it turnt out, I won the first place at the big competition. The idea with which I won the hackthon was a location-based learning game while driving in a car especially made for children. As a add-on there was a related parent community to foster that our development was going in the right direction. With this idea, I was able to combine two important interests of myself in one application and finally, together with my team, convincingly communicate the idea in front of the jury. On the one hand my interest are the playful convey of new knowledge and on the other hand my interest in mobility – in this case the road safety, since the parents are no longer distracted by the quivering of the children.

I think that in the future of education at schools and universities are going to change dramatically. Through the possibilities to view the lectures of the renowned researchers, teachers and thinkers at any time, there is a great change in education on its way. I am really exited how future generations are going to learn. I am sure that the concepts I applied in the hackathon project in 2015 will one day be implemented at education in one way or the other.

Time to get my business started

Projects such as those mentioned above really fascinate me. I think through more information technology and digital innovation, many other important applications can arise which can improve a small part of our everyday lives. This is also a premise after which I personally live and which has convinced me that starting my own company is the right decision.

To get started to do more, I write this blog and also got the first orders which I am currently working on. These project on the one hand are going to increase my experiences and on the other hand earn money. This money is going to help me fund my “crazy” ideas, which I already have in mind. I am really looking forward to see how my company will develop.

Thank you

Thank you for reading until here. I hope you liked what you read. If this blog article was too narrative, be assured, there will be also many application-oriented blog articles on all important business topics. My Application-oriented articles will give you the tools to become a entrepreneur yourself.

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