Why I document my startup story

Why I choose to document my journey as a founder and why you should do the same.

Starting and managing a company requires a high degree of concentration on the essentials in order to be able to survive on the market in the long term. A blog is not necessarily the most helpful thing I can think of. As for writing the article many minutes can go by until it can be published and carried out to the world. Nevertheless, I want to document my way as an entrepreneur from the start.

I am convinced that the documentation and preparation of content from day is not just a self-purpose and a waste of my most valuable resource – namely time. In my opinion, there are five relevant points that convinced me to document my journey on this blog. I like to share these five points with you, so maybe some of you also start documenting their journey.

Get out my Comfort Zone

It is not easy for many, including myself, to do a task which is unwelcome or requires a great deal of effort. However, effort, diligence and perseverance pays off. In my life, I have already been able to record one or the other success, because I have worked more diligently or deliberately on my projects than others. But, there are also challenges for me which I have to overcome. Above all, this includes documentation. I don’t like it that much, because it sometime holds me back to be as fast as I wanted to be. However, a good documentation helps a lot. I appreciate this especially as a software developer. Projects that have a bad or wrong documentation are usually an exclusion criterion.

Transparency creates trust

With the point “Documentation” we also get to the second point – transparency. Transparency creates trust or as Simon Mainwaring once said “The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability”. By writing blog articles, I want to be more transparent, while preserving business secrets and privacy. I want to enable the readers of my blog can get a clear picture of me and the company – So they can build a relationship with me and can put their trust in me, if they want to start a project together with me and my company.

Share experiences

Everyone is making mistakes, and I have been able to read about the various mistakes and pitfalls of many founders. Your main task running a company is to avoid mistakes as much as possible. By reading some great books, blog articles and trade journals and also talk to some of the best founders I konw I got many informations which are going to help me build and grow my company. I also think it is important that people do not always make the same mistakes. Although it seems as if everyone, no matter how much information about the facts were already written, make some mistakes – no matter what. If you want to get some information on how you should not do your business, you should visit http://autopsy.io/ and buy a few books on this topic on one of the relevant online bookshops. You can of course also support the local book store or lend your favorite book from the library.

Give the company a personality

People like to buy from people they trust and appreciate. Although sometimes the comforts of Amazon and Co. are to great to be not used or the Chinese products are to cheap to not be ordered. In my opinion, this is true for some products, but not always the right decision. With all due regard to the economic figures of a company, it is important for me to maintain certain relationships with local companies and thereby create an advantage for the participants from the local cooperation. Companies that have a personality are more tangible and create greater trust, even beyond the project or product itself.

Personal development

With these blog articles I can develop my writing skills and receive feedback from readers, who may become customers, partners or even supporters of my ideas. I am (unfortunately) not an outstanding author and I think that by creating a recurring task to write a blog article, a certain routine is going to be present soon. In general I hope to write better and more interesting blog article in the long-term. But not only my skills as an author are going to be improved by writing this blog. I have the expectation that my ability to self-critically reflect my actions and making better decisions for my company are the outcome of writing blog articles.

Why should you document your foundation?

I believe that documentation creates value for everyone and for my specific topic, also helps to reduce the barrier for people to fund their own company. Furthermore, it also gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from other readers. They can share a different perspective on your your personal opinion that will take you and your business forward. I would be very happy if you also document your journey as an entrepreneur and send me a mail, so I can also learn from you.


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