Study, Business and Leisure - How to do it?

Study, Business and Leisure – How to do it?

As mentioned in the previous article, your full concentration on the company as founder is indispensable. In addition to my work as a founder, I decided to study in a master’s program. So how do I get all my work done? How do I manage building up company, the learning for the university and do the everyday tasks and still time have for leisure, familiy and friends? In any case, there are dependencies between the different points mentioned before. The more time a person invests for his studies, the less time she / he does to meet with her / his friends. The more tasks and responsibilities a person takes, the less time she / he has for an individual task. For this reason, people can also only learn a tiny fraction of the knowledge of this world – at least until now; In the future this may look different.

To add value for you, I want to give you some of my tips so that you can plan your time in 2017 at least a little bit better and get closer to your goals.

(SMART) Goals

And with the keyword “Goal” we come to the first point. Set goals for each category you want to be better in the future. In doing so, you should not only distinguish between short, medium and long-term goals, but also assign them to a target category. In addition, you should always formulate the goals in such a way that you can check to what extent you have reached your goal after the end of the Happyline (Deadline). Only because you set goals, you’ll reach more goals the long term. If you want to get your goals even closer in 2017, I give you the tip to visualize your goal and make it yourself present every day. Your goals should be SMART goals. SMART means Specific-measurable-aceped-realistic-terminated. (If you want to read more about SMART, Wikipedia can be seen as a useful resource in this case, even if isn’t an academic resource:

I use “Happyline” instead of “Deadline”. I got this term from one of my professors from the study course “Leadership” – I find „Happyline“ much better than „Deadline“. Something I also took away from the leadership course: At University, you learn far more than pure academic knowledge.

Plan long-term

For most people, most events come as a surprise. Christmas, the mother’s birthday or the summer holidays. Planning in the long term is exhausting and also requires that you think about your personal future. Not only as a company, but also for every other it is important to have as precise plan fort he future. By changing different variables, new possibilities can be discovered and the achievement of goals can be better defined. Also your time frame when the goal is going to be reached is much more specific. In addition, good planning helps to carry out certain tasks at an early stage, thus increasing the satisfaction of the parties involved.

Use software tools to increase efficiency

In an older article, I talked about productivity tools for product managers, but not only product managers can use software to work more efficiently. You can integrate these tools into our everyday lives, too. Particularly in Germany, efficiency, especially in engineering, is of great importance – but you can apply these patterns from research to other areas, too. At the moment isn’t widespread form y point of view. In future, it will become more and more important to automate specific recurring tasks by using intelligent productivity software in your daily life. In the future this is going tob e indispensable. By increasing efficiency we can manage everyday tasks better and get more time for other tasks and leisure opportunities.

Focus and prioritization

Everyone gets different offers throughout the day. You can choose to meet with a friend, do a task for work or look at your friends Facebook feed to view the latest holiday pictures of him. For somebody each of these tasks have a different importance. The importance is shown, however, where and how a person puts in her / his time. If you want to achieve as much as possible for your company, you need to increase the focus and thus probably, but not necessarily, the amount of time you put in. By clear prioritization, you also help planing the best next moves for your business . For me, the tasks of prioritizing and planning have always a close connection and you should always tackle both topics at the same time.

How can I get everything under one hat?

As I said in the introduction, I am a student, an entrepreneur and also have time for the important people in my life. I also do sports, as well as participate in university groups. But how do I manage all the tasks? Before I founded my company I made sure that my course of study supports my project as a founder and that I can implement the academic knowledge immediately at my own company. In addition, I paid attention to the fact that I can adapt the time required for the study assigment exactly as I want it to. This devnetly helps if you want to do the same as I do at the moment. In addition, I plan many events far in advance and thereby have a better overview of when a particular task should be done. I also regulary review my assumptions, which helps me reflect my actions. I must also admit that I am a big fan of “Quantified Self”. If you want to know more about “Quantified Self”, I can recommend this page: Even if you do not look so great, it is a good start for interested people. In general, it has a lot to do with discipline and perseverance to manage all tasks well. In the end I hope to learn more in less time by studying and beeing a entrepreneuer. In general, I find that I could get a lot of growth in my knowledge of business and management. I think that many people would benefit if they would deal with their finances and environment more often. A good start is the book “Rich dad, poor dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, which has given me many insights. I can absolulty recommend this book to you. Happy reading.

I hope you could at least take something from this blog article for you. If you have more tips on how to manage my time better, just write me a message.